Karelias Collection

Visitors are guided through the exhibition with the aid of user-frienly digital means. The digital labelling of the showcases favors interaction between the visitors and the exhibits and encourages the children’s inquisitive nature. Guided tours are available for groups, i.e. schools, societies etc.

Personal guided tours, special access and parking space are available for PWDs. Predetermined route tours, based on specially designed leaflets, are offered to interested greek and foreign visitors οr small groups.


In collaboration with the academic community, support is offered to students and researchers interested in greek traditional costumes and related academic subjects.
Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are encouraged to get acquainted with the exhibits, to study them and to report their findings on relevant academic articles.

Karelias Collection
Karelias Collection

Inventive educational programs, adapted to the needs and interests of various target groups, are hosted in the multi-purpose hall of the building all year round.

In collaboration with the Directorate of primary and secondary school education, specially designed educational programs familiarize the students with the aesthetics, the fabrics, the fabrication methods, the practical value and the social significance of greek traditional costumes.

Educational Programs

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At the Collection's shop visitors can find the Collection's catalogue, various editions of the Lyceum Club, scarves and shawls inspired by caracteristic elements of the messinian landscape and popular decorative patterns, traditional jewelry replicas, aswell as a variety of souvenirs and folklore artefacts.

Visitors, members and friends of the Lyceum Club can enjoy the serenity of the building's courtyard.

The site is available for hosting selected public and private events.