“Works of traditional art eventually return, by their very nature, to the nation which gave birth to them, to be rediscovered and admired again as a source of inspiration”

"We envision new approaches to the greek costume, aiming to reach its internal core, which is the tireless transformation of the inner reality of the greek people into light"

“In an abstract environment, garments separate themselves from time, become timeless and flow in the open space. It is a transition from the common historic dimension to the sphere of pure values and ideals, such as beauty"

Victoria G. Karelias, Collector

Karelias Collection
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"Reviving, transforming and modernizing an important historical building of Dorian style, distinctive of the neoclassic period, remnant of an era of prosperity and social uplift, and turning it into an exhibition hall of greek costumes, a demanding architectural venture but also a vision of esthetic creation and a personal testimony of the soul"

Thanassis Kyratsous, Architect

"Fellow traveller in this tenacious though graceful journey, filled with creative inquiries, with sole vehicle the uniqueness of the greek costumes and jewels of the 19th and the 20th century"

Stamatis Zannos, Set Designer

“The magic potentiality of illumination enhances the abstract picture. This ethereal medium defines space and time, incites emotions, creates ambience. One has the feeling that everything floats through light”

Eleftheria Deko, Lighting Designer

“The digital image augments reality, guiding the eye to details that could have been overlooked due to the overwhelming effect of the initial impression. The supersized detail, far from distorting the exhibits, embeds them in their right dimension”

Odysseas Mihalakis, Video Artist

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"The real challenge is the creation of a mannequin which, though faceless, is able to project and highlight the human aspect of the garment"

Garry Hall, Sculptor

“In the collective unconscious, the visual identity of the garments is linked to sounds only accessible through the imaginary soundscape function of memory. These sounds are incorporated into a sound installation, a sureal composition functioning as a catalyst in this experiential environment”

Dimitris Bakas, Music Composer

"The reflection of the costumes' elegance in a translucent and ablative manner, the capturing of centuries of history in a fraction of a second, the transformation of the collector’s vision into image, the contribution of the art of photography to a life long, grand endeavor"

Kostas Vergas, Photographer